Greetings Everyone

To introduce myself, I am Mariah Santora, a Free Lunch Academy Ambassador. This summer I am looking forward to to updating you on all things Free Lunch Academy related. There’s a ton we have going on this summer, so it is imperative you check back every Tuesday and Thursday for a new blog post! There’s already been so much we’ve done with our Free Lunch Academy Scholars– and we’re just getting started! Everyday we do something different: so far we’ve had a financial literacy session with our very own friendly neighborhood Certified Public Accountant, Lauren Parrott; we’ve done preparation for our new generation of Free Lunch Academy radio hosts and play actors, and we’ve had a forum to discuss the recent news of events related to police brutality and Black Lives Matter. That’s all for now, but check up on us bi-weekly on Tuesday and Thursdays for more updates.
Free Lunch Academy & Friends will Eliminate Bullying by OCTOBER 1, 2025 1825 Days 9 Hours 20 Minutes 54 Seconds