About Free Lunch Academy

What is Free Lunch Academy?

Free Lunch Academy (FLA) is a non-profit organization currently working in Chicago Public Schools. We use the arts to teach conflict resolution skills, reduce youth violence and prevent bullying. The services we provide include live performances and theater workshops.

Our primary focus is working with students to further the message of love, peace, tolerance and inclusion. Workshops teach students theater acting, play writing and digital media skills. Students deal with anti-bullying themes based in their own language and experience. Our goal is to foster learning environments that are safe, positive, productive and truly inclusive.  

Founded in 2012, Free Lunch Academy has completed over 350 classroom workshop programs. We employ youth and young adults who value creativity. Our youth employment program provides our staff with paid internships, educational training and mentoring. Our staff learn job skills and how to be a mentor as they grow toward their goals in life. 

Mission and Values

Community and Relationships

We desire to build deep and meaningful relationships worldwide beginning here in the Chicago community.


Our focus is working to develop the youth here in the city and far beyond to become the absolute greatest versions of themselves.


We look to leverage love in our quest to eradicate bullying and encourage buddying worldwide.

Peace and Tolerance

We aim to teach young people about accepting themselves and others while living truly inclusive lifestyles.


We are passionate about educating youth using proven arts based curriculums.

Digital Media

We specialize in meeting students where they are at and teaching them how they like to learn in fast paced digital environments.

About Our Logo

Our logo is a visual representation of our mission and is described by four areas: artistry, education, mutual respect, and community

Free Lunch Academy & Friends will Eliminate Bullying by OCTOBER 1, 2025 2049 Days 15 Hours 19 Minutes 47 Seconds