Free Lunch Academy

Free Lunch Academy is an innovative social enterprise that leverages social emotional artistic learning to cultivate character development in classrooms, careers, and throughout communities.

"A School of Thought. Serving Food for Thought. Firmly Rooted in Educational Entertainment."

What We Do

Live Performances

We offer a multi-media performance “Be A Buddy Not A Bully” play. This play has versions for different ages from pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade students. Characters navigate the pressures of school, home and social life as they grow up and learn who they are in the world

Parent & Educator Workshops

"Recess" is a workshop series for parents and educators aimed at increasing skills for adults working to provide students with ongoing support and resources regarding bullying awareness, prevention, and intervention.

Primary Grade Level Student Workshops

"Colorful Conversations” is a classroom experience specifically tailored for primary grade level students (PreK – 3rd) that helps learners explore their feelings, the feelings of others and connections between the two. Students become empowered to develop emotional intelligence through literacy, coloring, and candid conversation.

Young Adult Student Workshops

Our “Quite The Character” workshop is designed to show measurable improvements in a student’s abilities with making decisions, providing leadership and using emotional intelligence. This workshop aims to increase empathy, patience, understanding, and tolerance for participants.

Our Annual Events


Early Dismissal

Early Dismissal is a Fresh Celebration for Chicago Educators which aims to highlight and honor those everyday super heroes known as educators that consistently go above and beyond the call of duty for the children within their classrooms, households, neighborhoods and communities.


Back to School Youth Summit

Back to School Youth Summit, Fashion & Talent Showcase is a citywide event that gathers youth and young adults from the greater Chicagoland area that are looking for a reputable platform upon which to display their positively entertaining talents in various forms of fine and performing arts.

B4ACause FLA Board

Brunch 4 A Cause

Brunch 4 A Cause is Free Lunch Academy’s annual fundraiser event that gives supporters a chance to share in the culminating experience of the year which highlights the achievements, awards and impact of the organization over the last 12 months while celebrating those core team members, youth ambassadors and stakeholders that served as integral parts of us getting there.

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