Live Performances

“Be A Buddy Not A Bully” (BABNAB), is a multi-media stage performance centered on anti-bullying techniques and aimed at inspiring today’s youth to become up-standers instead of bystanders. “BABNAB” takes a refreshing interactive approach to focusing on the coming-of-age issues experienced by most students attempting to bal- ance the pressures of school, home and social life, while on a rollercoaster ride of self discovery. “BABNAB” is a must see for any student, be it a bully, a victim, or the all too common bystander.

Character Development Workshops

“Quite The Character” is a one of a kind in (or after) school experience for intermediate grade level students that provides social emotional artistic learning opportunities through discussions, debates and dramatic performances. QTC empowers students to begin healing from experienced (or witnessed) real world traumas by (re)creating original stories of personal trials and triumphs as it relates to conflict resolution from their own point of view. Through literacy enrichment, script writing basics and exposure to public speaking, participants gain valuable transferable skills and experiences through the art of story telling and stage play production. Students involved in the QTC program can expect to see development in areas such as self-esteem, self-awareness and self respect while demonstrating positive outcomes regarding grades, behavior, attendance and their overall ability to make truly purpose driven decisions both inside and outside the classroom.

Personal & Professional Developments

Free Lunch Academy offers interactive personal/professional development experiences aimed at increasing parents’, educators’ and supportive adults’ ability to identify, intervene and ultimately prevent bullying related incidents occur among their youth. The goal of these workshops are to ensure all community members including students, parents, educators and others are all speaking the same language in regards to mitigating youth violence, bullying prevention and conflict resolution best practices within schools, throughout neighborhoods and among our respective households.

Workforce & Talent Development

Free Lunch Academy offers innovative, non-discriminatory, industry neutral workforce programming services for youth, young adults and businesses that truly value creativity. Through educational training, internships and mentoring, Free Lunch Academy combines emerging industry best practices, subject matter expertise and real-world applications within the creative economy and far beyond. By successfully partnering with the City of Chicago, Illinois’ Department of Human Services (DHS) and countless community-based organizations, FLA has been able to provide hundreds of at-risk youth and young adults with the necessary job, career and entrepreneurial skills and training needed for success tomorrow, today. These services are intentionally centered on ethics, character leadership, communication and professionalism in efforts to develop truly well-rounded candidates for employment as a result of programming efforts. Through this innovative approach to matching the demands of the workforce with the city’s diverse supply of talent, Free Lunch Academy has established a high functioning network of employees, employers and emerging entrepreneurs that possess a healthy blend of morals, ethics and drive towards short and long-term economic goals.

Professional Consulting Services

Arts, Culture & Entertainment Over Adverse Cumulative Experiences (AOA) Consulting is a professional consulting subsidiary of Free Lunch Academy. AOA curates innovative project based solutions for a dynamic client base in response to some of the market’s most complex challenges. AOA takes pride in leveraging forwarding thinking professional consults and adaptive problem solving skills to craft cutting edge projects and initiatives that provide clients with the impact and overall outcomes they demand. With partnerships ranging from community based organizations, to educational institutions, to health and well ness providers, to countless other industries AOA Consult is the optimal choice for clients looking to produce the most without doing the most.
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