Greetings Everyone

To introduce myself, I am Mariah Santora, a Free Lunch Academy Ambassador. This summer I am looking forward to to updating you on all things Free Lunch Academy related. There’s a ton we have going on this summer, so it is imperative you check back every Tuesday and Thursday for a new blog post! There’s already been so much we’ve done with our Free Lunch Academy Scholars– and we’re just getting started! Everyday we do something different: so far we’ve had a financial literacy session with our very own friendly neighborhood Certified Public Accountant, Lauren Parrott; we’ve done preparation for our new generation of Free Lunch Academy radio hosts and play actors, and we’ve had a forum to discuss the recent news of events related to police brutality and Black Lives Matter. That’s all for now, but check up on us bi-weekly on Tuesday and Thursdays for more updates.

“but what am i?” (silent short film)

“but what am i?” is the inaugural film project created by Free Lunch Academy and powered by the Creative Cypher. This silent short aims to examine the various role players in bullying related scenarios from the victim, to the bully, to the all too common bystander.  While viewers are challenged to draw on their own experience as they look to relate to the dynamic host of characters, their feelings and the thinking behind their decision making process. Ultimately students should work together to discuss and create a positive solution to the bullying related conflict presented.

Free Lunch Academy & Friends will Eliminate Bullying by OCTOBER 1, 2025 1137 Days 23 Hours 53 Minutes 0 Seconds